Limited video poker, good variety of video slot machines. Small casino, can get very smoky. Money lasts longer, small payouts are frequent enough that you can play longer. No high limit area. Player's club is o.k.,

I get flyers for $15 play per month, but rarely have I gotten more, and I tend to spend $400-$500 a trip when I go. The same play in Las Vegas gets me free hotel rooms, food, sometimes money towards airfare AND a much better player's club. Local casinos do not respect their players as much as Vegas. I feel very special in Vegas....just another person at this casino.

I've been going to this casino for years and have never won anything big ever....not even $500. I've gone to Vegas 3 times in the last year and won a minimum of $1000 each trip, and I play exactly the same there as I do here.

Food is good. I've been gaming for long hours and tried to get a room at this hotel, but it is always full, so have never had the opportunity to stay there. No deals on the hotel that I've seen. But, I prefer this casino over Turtle Lake even though it is smaller. I can play longer at this casino.

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