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Lucky Eagle Casino: Win as much as I lose, good variety of slots

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  • Lucky Eagle Casino: Win as much as I lose, good variety of slots

    Have visited this casino several times and generally do quite well considering the odds always favor the house, not into table games so cannot really comment on those although I do hear people cheering fairly often so I guess someone's a winner. Quite frequently I will either come out with what I went in with or up a few dollars, usually spend a couple of hours there and bets on the slots average around 50/60 cents. Like most casinos the atmosphere is generally smokey and this can be off putting if you are a non smoker or have COPD, the non smoking section doesn't really have a great variety of machines although they have table games in there I've never actually seen anyone playing at them. The staff have always been very polite, even in the restrooms, they make you feel welcome and seem to appreciate that you have chosen their casino, If you are a first time player they are very helpful and take the time to ensure that your experience with them will be a good one. Food is average, the buffet is too open for me, I prefer to eat in a booth with a little more privacy but have been to far worse than that one. Tried the steak bar one night and although the steak was good the wait to get served wasn't. I was eating alone and felt like I was invisible, the room was packed and claustrophobic. Overall, I give this casino the thumb's up and will be going there again

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