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Empire City at Yonkers Raceway: just a scam

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  • Empire City at Yonkers Raceway: just a scam

    I'd been going there weekly since they opened in 2006, although I stopped going about a year ago. In the beginning you used to be able to win a little money. I, personally, never won a jackpot but a few of my friends did and I witnessed people winning jackpots on more than one occasion. The last year that I went (2009) was it for me. They had to have done something to the machines because you couldn't hit anything any more. All they do is suck your money in and give you nothing in return. First I thought it was just me but standing outside smoking I would here other people saying the same thing. I have some friends that still go up there (shame on them) and complain about it every time so I guess nothing has changed. As for the promotions - what a joke. Does anyone remember the scam involving employees fixing the promotions so their friends could win? 3 people were brought up on charges (you can google it and read the whole story). If they can fix that, they can fix the machines too. The FBI should really investigate them. Customer service is another laugh. Most of the floor people and food personnel are a bunch of lazy rude kids that want to get paid but not do anything for it. Nasty, nasty nasty. Not to mention the clientele that goes there. It turned into a real sleazy place. As for me, I've been saving my money for Aqueduct's opening later this month. I live in Queens so there's no tolls, traffic or additional gas for me. If they follows Empire's lead they will have their machines loose in the beginning to draw in the people but if they're smart they won't tighten them up as much as Empire did and they'll keep their customers. I see Empire City losing at lot of business real soon (Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn to be sure) and no one deserves it more than them.

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