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SunCruz Aquasino: Very Misleading

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  • SunCruz Aquasino: Very Misleading

    First of all the web site needs to be changed because it’s a joke and very different from the actual truth. The boat was very filthy. It hasn’t been cleaned in forever, the windows, floors, walls, were just filthy. The restrooms were nasty and smelled bad The so called buffet was a joke as well it was like going through a school cafeteria the food was bad,there were flies everywhere. The drinking cups were plastic as well as the plastic forks, spoons, knives,foam plates and bowls. The poker tables looked like they came from a Goodwill store. The cloth is faded out and torn up. The chairs were like sitting on a hard log, the lighting was bad you could hardly see anything. The safety boats were so old they would probably sink if you had to use them. They also charge you too much money. The whole experience was just horrible. My advice is get the boat totally remodeled and cleaned up if you want people to be able to enjoy themselves because I wouldn’t tell any one I knew to visit.

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