I visited in September on the way north to Wisconsin. As I entered Louisville, I was greeted by a sign that the bridge on I-64 was closed. I spent an hour in traffic trying to find a detour. Finally, I called the casino and was told the only way there was to go north to the perimeter highway and then come back south. So, I ended up spending nearly two hours going for what should have been a 20 minute drive. When I checked in at the hotel, I asked why I had not received a notice about the closure and was told some emails had been sent. Since I had had a hotel reservation for several months, I could not figure out why I didn't get a notice. Plus, the parking area next to the parking garage was closed off and I had to park my motorhome nearly out of sight of the hotel. Again, I asked why they didn't have a parking area close by for motorhomes and was given a "just because we don't" answer. I ate dinner at the Paula Dean buffet and some of the irritation was eased by the good food and excellent service. After 9 hours of driving and my frustration with the hotel, I limited my play to just an hour. In addition, I canceled my return visit as I went back south primarily to avoid Louisville.

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