I last visited Cherokee in late July but plan to visit again tomorrow. I thought I would post my last visit and then post again about tomorrow's visit. I parked my motorhome down by the river in the old parking lot. Now that the new parking garage is open, there is no bus service so the only way to get to the casino is to walk. I had suggested last year they put in a call for pickup box, but no action was taken. I entered the casino through the new valet parking area and walked through bank after bank of empty $1 machines. I finally found where all the players were, at the penny machines. It always amazes me when I see empty areas of $1 machines and all the penny machines are full. However, my major is not in casino marketing so I guess they know better. I ate at the Fresh Market buffet and the food was absolutely great. This used to be an only fair buffet but it certainly has turned around 100%. My complements to the chef and management. I played some slots but found most everything to be tight. I guess someone has to pay for the new addition and new hotel! More to come after tomorrow's visit.

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