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Horseshoe Casino Hammond: Horseshoe Hammond & a motorhome

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  • Horseshoe Casino Hammond: Horseshoe Hammond & a motorhome

    I visited the Horseshoe Hammond on a trip north from Georgia to Wisconsin in September. I had sent an email in advance asking if motorhome parking was provided. The answer sent back was there was a lot across the railroad tracks in the AMTRAK parking lot. Using my GPS, I was able to find it without too much trouble. However, I had to walk across active railroad tracks and through the Valet area to get into the casino. Of course, there is also a big sign that says no pedestrians allowed. What I found as I entered was a large parking area on the first floor of the parking garage with a 20' high ceiling and a few staff cars parked. It would have more than held 15 to 20 RV's. I played for a while without too much success and then ate supper at the buffet. The view was nice looking out over the lake but the food was less than good quality. I sampled a number of dishes and really never found anything I would classify as good. After a while of additional futile playing slots, I gave up and left for the drive through Chicago. However, I plan to visit again next year as I make the trip. One visit does not make a good sampling at any casino!

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