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Caesars Palace: Buffet disappointing

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  • Caesars Palace: Buffet disappointing

    We purchased the Harrah's 24-hour casino buffet deal. After doing dinner at Rio, breakfast at Harrah's and lunch at Paris, we decided to walk over from Rio to Caesars for the final challenge of dinner. Well, we finally found the buffet at the far end of Caesars tucked in a little corner. Most of the small buffet was rabbit food with only some broiled chicken, a pork tray and something that might have been pot roast or pot luck. My wife who is a salad lover liked it, but I thought it was an insult to any connoisseur of real buffets. And the desserts were cookies and jello. Good thing I had eaten twice what I should have earlier in the day! But, Caesars is a neat place to walk through and gosh only knows, I needed the exercise. BTW, the walk over from Rio isn't short but it isn't that long and it sure helps settle all that food. Only buy the 24 hour deal if you're serious about food.

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