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Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort: It Was an Assault and Mugging

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  • Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort: It Was an Assault and Mugging

    I've played at numerous casinos throughout the country -- MGM Grand in Detroit... Mole Lake in Wisconsin. ,The Golden Lake Casino in Kansas. Grand Victoria Casino in Chicago, Harrahs Chester Casino & Racetrack in Philly, The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi. The Island View Casino Resort in Gulfport, The Black Hawk Casinos in Colorado, Calder Casino & Race Course in Florida and on and on -- I'm just naming 1 per state but believe me there is more -- Been to all the big ones around the U.S and plenty of the boutique places as well. Name a state - I've been to at least one casino there. Massachusetts,*New Jersey,*Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho, Connecticut... Not to mention Europe and Eastern Europe. Went to Le Royal Meridien National in Russia and the Divonne Les Bains, in France -- But OUT OF THEM ALL - only 1 managed to boggle my mind and give me a literal migraine (For which I don't get) ...It was this Club Clearwater Casino in Washington State. Believe me... I know the odds. I know the risks and I have taken them with all my travels, but those words don't even apply at that Club Clearwater Suqaumish place. Unbelievable. Absolutely mind boggling. I am sorry but the best way to describe it was the same feeling as being MUGGED or robbed. In fact I have to say that I was indeed mugged years ago and the experience was traumatic but it didn't sit with me as hard as my experience at this Clearwater. I don't know how they do it . They perhaps are not regulated... But even then I must point out that Ive been to some shady joints -- even one poker house in Turkey that I know had some mob ties but even those places never assaulted the customers like this place did. It was as if they never wanted you to return. BINGO! They scored... I mean how or why would someone? You can walk from slot to slot and slide in one hundred dollar bills and hit those buttons in any varying pattern or bet and you will never once see more then 10% above your bet come back -- The bonus rounds generally don't kick in until you're blurry eyed, but even when they do you wonder WHY? Why do they bother kicking in because they pay... NOTHING... Seriously... Bonus rounds that equate to zero... Bonus rounds that took you hours to have the chance to play that return NOTHING. I mean you expect for a symbol of the middle finger to pop up at you -- But even that would be too respectful there -- This was true for me AND my friends and we are talking 5 solid days of this. It was funny on day two. On day four we were all out of our minds. Day 5 we were stoned faced. Not about the loss (although it hurt) about how absolutely UN-FUN it was. Relentless. Brutal. Crazy.

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