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Charles Town Races & Slots: Wow what a bunch of whiney sore losers

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  • Charles Town Races & Slots: Wow what a bunch of whiney sore losers

    Wow I love the way losers vent. So i visited this Casino recently because i had to know if it was really this bad. Overall I personally found this place to be extremely well run. Slots were definitely paying off when I was there. I was there for about 6 hours. Definitely saw many many jackpots going off. Slot Attendants as they call them were walking around ready to help with a smile. They were very busy running around paying out all the jackpots I saw. However, when I stopped one to ask a question he was very friendly. I also saw several managers on the floor. Several asked me if i was enjoying myself. I stopped one young lady who said she was a slot floor manger and I asked her all about the casino as this was my first visit. She was very informative. I asked about the themed games like Wheel of Fortune and Sex in the City. She said they do want them, however, due to their higher tax rate they pay and royalty fees those games aren't profitable. It is a business people. They do need to put profitable games on their floor. Very pleasant and was very happy to help me. I asked several guests I saw throughout the day how they liked it. I got no complaints and not one of them won a huge jackpot. The Buffet I thought was decent for the price. I had several helpings of the Mac and cheese, sushi and creme brûlée. Staff there was very pleasant. I played on and off all day sticking to two machines and won many times throughout my day. No big wins but I did leave over $100 ahead. Maybe because I was smart enough to stick to two machines instead of hopping around to all different ones. I cashed my ticket at a ticket redemption machine.I found the casino cleaner then any other I've ever visited. I had many employees talk to me. Maybe because I'm pleasant myself. Reading some of these posts I wouldn't want to talk to any of you negative soar losers either. Overall, I didn't see any of the above problems. Sounds like a lot of sore losers. I'd say go in realistic. Expecting to lose but have fun and you won't be disapointed. As far as the comments about people spending life's savings and being in wheelchairs and on oxygen tanks.....that's their own faults. They shouldn't be in there if they can't afford it. Or, if their health is an issue. I for one will go back. Because I had a great time. Nope I didn't get rich. What a shame I guess I'll have to keep working for my money and go to Charles Town for fun. Oh and I did ask about the Facebook photos. They have to get approval fromThe winner and they'll post ANY winner on there. So throw your theory in the garbage. I also had to laugh at the theory that they plant people to play. That's hysterical.

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