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Parx Casino and Racing: BEWARE SLOTS RiP-OFF!

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  • Parx Casino and Racing: BEWARE SLOTS RiP-OFF!

    On October 30, 2011 I was playing on various slot machines at Parx. I won $199.85 at one machine and inserted the voucher I was issued into a different slot machine. The machine only registered the 85 cents and not the $199. The machine then malfunctioned and the slot attendant came to fix the wheels that were spinning endlessly. I reported the loss at the machine and filed a dispute form. The casino conducted an "investigation" and informed me today that the system did not report an overage so therefore I had no claim. Plain and simple this is a RIP-OFF and I have no recourse to collect the money that this casino stole from me. My advice to anyone who is issued a voucher at PARX is to immediately cash it at a payout machine rather than simply inserting your voucher into a different slot machine. I'm sure I'm not the only one to experience this scam and I can just imagine how much money this casino is making through this shady practice. Needless to say they have lost two regular patrons for life (my wife and myself) and they will lose thousands in lost revenue by not paying out on this legitimate claim. Talk about winning the battle and losing the war! Ridiculous situation! Please BEWARE!

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