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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: My favorite casino

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  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: My favorite casino

    I've only been in maybe 15 casinos in various states and countries but I'll say this is my favorite overall place to hangout at. Now let me say I'm not a 20-something with Ed Hardy clothes on. Nor am I some Jersey Shore type dude either. But if you like rock music and a rock n roll environment this is your place.Good loud rock music, cocktail girls with short skirts and ample free drinks, and attractive young people to gamble with pretty much sums this place up.The slot selection is good and they keep up with the latest games. Historically I've done ok there. They have a better ROI than the strip slots and it's super easy to get free drinks while playing. Table games are pretty standard. 5 dollar mins on slow nights and weekdays. 10 other times. They also have Ultimate Texas Hold 'em which is nice.The sports book is new and a cathedral to sports betting. No more free drinks though. Not cool. Can't smoke in the book either.Mr Luckys is great and the gamblers special is a personal favorite.I haven't stayed at the hotel or been at the pool. I'm too old for the Rehab crowd at this point.All in all this place is the bomb.

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