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Downstream Casino Resort: Downstream Downer

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  • Downstream Casino Resort: Downstream Downer

    I have been to Downstream many times. This casino was built only about 3 years ago so it's very nice and new. The rooms are extremely nice with HUGE showers and they're very clean. BUT...they ought to be for the price. Everything at Downstream reminds you that you are not in Las Vegas, Tunica, Atlantic City, or anywhere else that has "real" casinos. Comps are practically non-existent. This is fairly common for the rural Indian gaming facilities but Downstream takes it to a new level. They have 3 restaurants. A buffet which costs about $17 each and could be compared to a mediocre buffet in Vegas, they have a steak house that has good food and high prices to go with it. They also have a "coffee shop" style restaurant with pretty high prices. Keep in mind that all these restaurants close around 9 pm. They have a snack bar type restaurant that is open late so if you're hungry after 9 pm, that's your only choice. The slots are ok for that kind of casino, they are mostly video-bingo related slots due to the idiotic gaming laws in Oklahoma. They have blackjack but no craps (illegal in Oklahoma). I have never won on the blackjack, they have automatic shufflers that are computerized so only God knows how that works but I am always very hesitant to play those kinds of games and I seldom see anybody win there on blackjack. They have a very nice poker room. It is modern, clean, updated, enclosed, and smoke free. But keep in mind that whether you're in the main casino or at a poker table, you will be playing with many locals. Many are farmers, local retirees, and blue collar workers. It is a completely different crowd than you'll see in Las Vegas. And they gamble like there's no tomorrow. To avoid crowds try to go the latter half of the month after the government checks have all been gambled away. The bottom line is, this place is nice, clean, and looks good but there are almost no comps, the employees are not particularly customer friendly, and don't expect to win much with slots set at about 90%. John

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