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Ho Chunk Gaming - Madison: Not bad, if you enjoy slowed-down play and go at t

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  • Ho Chunk Gaming - Madison: Not bad, if you enjoy slowed-down play and go at t

    This small casino offers only bingo-play slots. You either love them or hate them. If you enjoy fast play, they are a nuisance. But if you want to extend your play, they slow you down while offering you a little more excitement. You can see a bingo line hit and know you've "won" something before the reels stop. And the more frequent players inevitably notice - and begin looking for - a very faint flash in the bingo card just after you "daub" that indicates (most times) you are about to hit a bonus round on that spin. It may appear to be a glitch in the system, but it's likely programmed in to make the games more addictive. Since last spring (2011) the slot payouts have been tightened up, especially on a few of my previous favorite machines. Yet I'm convinced that your chances are better here than any casino in Illinois and most of the others in Wisconsin. Just avoid the single line three reel $1 machines (Money Tree, Wheel of Fortune, etc) like the plague - recently they almost never hit, and you will see entire banks of them empty of players because people have learned this the hard way. Also choose the time you go there carefully. At times of low activity, the machines will stall "waiting for more players". There are times when the entire casino goes ice cold, and other times when it seems someone is getting a hand pay every other minute. It almost seems the more players there, the less likely you are to hit any decent jackpot. I am convinced the worst time to visit statistically is Friday or Saturday night between 7pm and midnight. I believe the bingo slots are a form of parimutual betting and the more people are there, the more spread out the payouts have to be - especially if those players are making small bets. It seems that very late when there are fewer players you will hit more bonus rounds, but they won't pay well (what I call "bogus rounds"). There are a few other minor irritations about this casino. Every time I've been there between 11pm and 1am, security makes the rounds through the entire casino, closing down groups of machines to extract the money from them. So they'll kick you off your machine. You'll move to another area, and they'll kick you off again. Why don't they wait until 3 or 4am when no one is there? Also, seemingly every employee carries around a walkie talkie which emits the most irritating loud squalk at regular intervals. I honestly don't know how it does not drive them insane listening to these things day after day. I have asked a few employees standing around near me to leave because I just can't stand the noise.

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