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Wheeling Island Racetrack & Gaming Center: THIS PLACE HAS GONE DOWN HILL!

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  • Wheeling Island Racetrack & Gaming Center: THIS PLACE HAS GONE DOWN HILL!

    Wheeling Island has gone down hill lately. The last two times we visited we could not believe how bad the service was. My husband got severe diarrhea from their "new and improved" buffet. He had to spend the entire night in the bathroom instead of gambling. I was livid. I demanded to speak to a manager and I told him that my husband got very ill from the buffet and that there was NOTHING new and improved about the buffet. It was the same one they have always had. The manager agreed with me and said that he just ate there the other day and he did not see anything new at the buffet either. Ok? He gave us each a lousy $20.00 on our slot cards for the inconvenience. Then we decided to give this place one more chance and went back about two weeks ago because we had a free room. When we arrived we noticed that the entire 1/2 of the casino was closed off. I again asked to speak to a manager and asked them why they didn't mention this on the phone when I was making my reservations. I would have never made the 2 1/2 hour drive there if I would have know this. He responded "yeah, I am actually not a manager, but I am the closest thing to a manager you will find around here on a Sunday night". He continued to explain that the employees just found out about this that same day and that Wheeling does everything at the last minute and is very bad a communicating to it's employees what is going on there. He said he would mention that I was upset to a real manager when he saw one. Also, no one knew how long it would be closed but it could be 3 weeks or longer. Then I stopped at the front desk to ask for a late checkout on my way to bed at 3:00 a.m. The man at the front desk, Mr. Anthony told me that he would be "reamed out" if he gave me a late checkout. I said "WHAT"? he replied "yeah, I gave someone else a late checkout the other day and I was reamed out". He said they are not allowed to do that anymore. Usually casinos are more than happy you are up all night gambling and will do whatever it takes to keep you there longer. I have no idea if this place got new management or what but something is really strange at this place.

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