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    I can tell you exactly what I feel about the place. I'd say the only good thing is it's closer than the Indian casinos which I like a lot more. Where do I start? Winners. Do you notice how they have a lot of progressive machines. Lots of money to be made with those style machines and I don't mean the customer. My entire family likes gaming and I can't tell you one person who has won anything big there. Sure they have a few people win big on one or two machines and the rest are closed. They have taken just about every free thing away from you. Buffets, Sure they get you to go there for a free pillow or an appliance no one really uses (and we run) or give you free play that you never can win a dime with but at the end you know you will try your luck and play a few hundred. I played $300 this past weekend and didn't get a dime. I tried all kinds of machines and not one paid over $5. They need an Indian casino in Rochester to give them hell. I honestly don't see the wow in the buffet. The prime rib is hard and dry and no flavor. The sides and rest of the food are all right out of a can. I'm getting really tired of FL. They just don't let people win. The points are a shame. I have over 5,000 points and can't get a thing in that store. Just another appliance they gave out for free or a jacket to advertise the place. Do you know what it takes to get those kind of points? I asked them why they don't have an actual gift shop with various kinds of goods. They said they have contracts with certain places. They are basically a Big Lots. Discontinued or blemished items. If I was playing at Seneca like I play at FL I would have had a lot of freebies like concerts, food, hotel, and real money at a real gift shop with quality items. I'm tired to giving my money to them. I'm done with FL.

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