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Belterra Casino Resort and Spa: Belterrra is Indiana's best

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  • Belterra Casino Resort and Spa: Belterrra is Indiana's best

    I'm not sure what casino Gerald Orf & Ron thought they were reviewing, but it definitely was NOT Belterra.

    I have found the comps program at Belterra to be superior to any other casino in Indiana.

    The food is equally as good as Argosy (whom I rate the best buffet). The only downside to the Belterra buffet is it just isn't as large as Argosy.

    The one area I think they do need to work on is to get some comfortable furniture in the hotel rooms. The rooms themselves are very nice, it's just the chairs/couches are not comfortable.

    The payouts at Belterra, whether slots or table games, are absolutely no better or worse than any other casino. Some days you win, other days you lose. Expecting anything else is sheer idiocy.

    The staff has never been anything but excellent and helpful. Never seen a snippy or snotty attitude anywhere at Belterra.

    Overall, the only real improvement Belterra could make, other than a major expansion, would be to 100% ban smoking anywhere on the property.

    I highly recommend Belterra to anyone wanting a nice, friendly casino to visit and great food to enjoy.

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