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Lucky Club in North Las Vegas

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  • Lucky Club in North Las Vegas

    I thought I'd be taking a couple buses to use the free food voucher I had won here in the contest to review casinos. But I met an old buddy from a long abandoned board who was playing in the Imperial Palace freeroll, and he offered to drive me out for a free meal. It gave us time to catch up and seemed fun.
    At the casino I just unraveled. The ACG coupons are for new sign ups. I was one. He was one. But I could not manage to keep them in my hand. So I did not play the matchplay.
    I did go for the two free drinks, and since they were out of draft beer, they let me pick for a huge selection of bottled Mexican beer. I had Modelo.
    I liked the Latino flavor of this casino. I had thought it would be more like Longhorn, which is fine, or Bighorn which is pretty basic, but I liked this place. Even though I could not seem to keep my mind working, I had a fine time.

    They would not let me take inside photos, even though I explained I was doing a review. At first, they said my voucher had expired, but I showed the book, explained the contest, told them I was writing it all up, and then the chef came out and was as acomodating as he could be. As a result I am not quite sure if the food was the standard or a special for the guy with the notebook.

    We asked if the free meals included appetizers and deserts. Oh, yes they did, but we could not eat all the food that would have brought. We shared some wonderful chicken wings, very well prepared and served as I asked, without being covered so the crisp was still there. I was born and raised in Buffalo.
    I had the mixed fajitas and was served enough to feed about four people.
    I have lost my notes and have forgotten what Bart had, perhaps a salad with grilled chicken.
    The food was great!
    The chef said that there is a merger in the works where Opera and Lucky Club will have the same cards.

    Bart played an assortment of things. I played a slot that I really liked (also forgotten) with king kong or some large monkey in it. I don't play slots. This one I'd go back to play. I can't really say why.

    Everyone treated us kindly and we had a great day there at the Lucky Club.
    I'm going back when my mind is not dysfunctional.

    Photos are here

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    Re: Lucky Club in North Las Vegas

    Thanks for sharing... Might have to check this place out in March for a quick visit.

    Love the low budget photo of the 'las chicas du futbol"