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    sorry this is long
    When we got to Newark Airport (NJ) we went to the President’s Club thanks to an American Express card my son-in-law ordered and put my name on. They had fruit and bagels and pastry-coffee, and nice comfy seats to wait in. It actually overlooked our gate.Flight was ok if you like feeling like a sardine. We got a rental car for $97 total from Alamo ( American Casino Guide), and since they were out of compacts we got a small SUV.Went to check in at Imperial Palace and was told to come back later, so off to our second home- the poker room. We were greeted by name even though we hadn’t been there in a year. The bad beat was hit a few months ago at the IP and Harrah’s did away with it. You get to spin a prize wheel for quads and there are bonuses for straight flush or better.We ended our session with me down $17(C),Dennis up 44 (D).
    Went to our room .which was right near the elevator only to find the room like a sauna. The maid had left the hot water blasting and the tub was almost full. Everything in the room was covered in mist so down to the desk we went. The girl said there were no more deluxe rooms for that night, and I asked to be near the elevator because of a bad toe, knee and arthritis. Our room was a mile from the elevator!!!! Well since we were being changed the next day back to deluxe we left it alone.Dinner was at the Green Valley Ranch with a 2/1 from the American Casino Guide so it cost $20/2. Crab legs and soup salty, desserts were good. Overall selections were not what we expected from GVR. Played a little more poker-D =14. C-50/Went to bed early but got up at 2:30 and played poker for an hour and won $60.
    D went to check room we would be in ,and it was even further from the elevator so went to desk to complain and manager switched our room and gave us $15 comp for our troubles. Ate at Terrible’s for breakfast $5 /2 with ACG coupon-pretty good. Match play coupons won us some money at black jack and left $35 up.Played some poker at IP. If you get pocket kings and lose you get $50 and aces cracked is $100. Left up$23 and D up $90. Went to the pool since it was 90 degrees out and enjoyed ourselves with a noodle we stuffed in our suitcase.
    Dinner at Orleans with ACG coupon cost $20 for 2 at buffet. It was wonderful with fresh crab legs, firm shrimp, seafood, BBQ station . Avoid the prime rib. Night brought me up $50 and D won 96.
    Played at the Flamingo poker room which was nice. There were 3 guys who were new to casino play and of course lucked out. I had pocket Queens and raised preflop but 2 called with 10/rag. Flop is K,10,2. First guy bets, second raises and I call. I fold on turn to bets thinking someone has the king-both had tens!!!!! We went to Hooter’s and signed up for a player’s card and got $200 free slot play in special machines (waste of time) and tickets for a comedy show at night.
    Went to Silverton for dinner with ACG coupon so dinner was $23 for 2. It was seafood night and was delicious-hot and cold crab legs,wonderful prime rib, lamb chops,nice selections very good desserts.We got free slot play that someone gave us and won $16. A match play for $10 won us $35. Bobby Slayton at Hooter’s was really funny and free. Stay away from the front if you don’t want to get picked on.He asked one guy for his name and he yelled president bush is wonderful (airforce career guy). The dialogue for that was hysterical.
    Ate at Ellis Island for breakfast on a 2/1 ACG coupon. Good as usual. I will learn not to use the match play coupons they give you. D and I both lost with them and 2 more bets!!!
    I do play some slots in between poker but not that much. IP doesn’t have very exciting machines, but they did start putting new ones in while we were there. Played poker early-D even C-$20. We tried to go to Bill’s at 11for their aces cracked but the table was filled with the local oldtimers.Went to the pool and then back to Silverton for dinner( $16/2 with coupon from casino player magazine). While walking through the casino after dinner, we discovered they have a daily tournament at 6 for 42+3 buyin. You get 2000 in chips. We sat down to play with 14 other people and I slowly was getting chipped away. I ended up at the final table being short stacked, but ended up with the most chips!!!!!We chopped the money and I came out with $163, but I was very proud of myself. This was only my 3rd tourney in a casino. They also have a ladies tournament on Friday nights.
    I was very disappointed to find out that Cher had canceled her concert because of illness. I had a front orchestra seat. At least I didn’t travel to Caeser’s without calling to check first. My credit card will be credited for the amount.
    Back to the IP. I met LVM, Mrs. Lederer and Pokermuffin at the mixed game. It was well run and interesting to watch, but I was chicken to play it. Won about $41 playing poker. I took a break at midnight and when I came back to the table I asked if they were going to sing for my birthday(9/29). I ruined the surprise because hubby asked the table to sing to me!!!
    Happy Birthday to me. Ate at Terrible’s (2/1), got a t-shirt for signing up for player’s card. Back to IP.
    Sat down to play aces cracked. I was card dead and down $50 when hubby left for bathroom and told me to get aces cracked. I was dealt aces the next hand, checked to the river and got beat by a straight- I get $100!!!!. Got them again and won 100 again.The third time I was dealt aces I won only $20 on the hand but didn’t get cracked. D missed 1 king and 2 aces cracked. Came out ahead about $90.In the afternoon I lost 21 and won 41 at night. We also went to the pool in the afternoon.
    Ate at IP for breakfast with a 2/1. I won 42 at poker, D (-46) . Ate dinner at the Gold Coast with 2/1 ACG coupon.( I think $12 for the 2 of us) Food was pretty good. I got $7 for earning at least 1 point on my card in my birthday month. We went to the Excaliber and played at the poker tables that are on a machine. We signed up for $40 each on our cards.It is like a credit card that you use at the table. It was different playing this way. You see everyone’s name and how much money they have. There is only a $3 rake and no tips which add up in the long run. Nobody was talking though. D was joking around and noone smiled or responded. I won $27 in a half hour and left to go see Louie Anderson. We got the tickets from Mr. Vegas and his EverythingLasVegas football pool. Thanks, Steve-the show was great. It is a small theater so everyone is close to the stage.
    Won $15 at 3 card poker and lost it and +50 at poker.
    Last day!!!!! Had a bad session at IP-C(-80), D (+30). We had tried to get into Bill’s game the last 2 days but always got there to late to get a table, so we left IP at 10:30 and got to Bill’s before a lot of the locals. The game is good for getting your feet wet at a 1/2 NL game with a buy-in of only $20. The local oldtimers are there from 11-2 for their aces cracked game.Dennis got aces cracked.We signed up for their player’s card and after 2 hours of play got a t-shirt. We got $7 in comps which almost covered our lunch. Back at the IP –C(-40), D (-10). Overall loses for both of us for a week was under $100. Comps from poker covered most of our room charge. We saw 2 shows for free, ate lots of two for ones, saved $30 on our car, went to the pool a lot and had a wonderful time.We saw our friend Bill from North Dakota who comes the same time of year as us and gave him 2/1 coupons. Also saw Sidney who comes from Scotland. Planning what to do on next year’s trip!!!!
    Told lots of people about the ACG website and they plan to buy the book. I saved about $100 and got to try new places. Thanks!!!!