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Oneida Bingo & Casino: They are cheapskates

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  • Oneida Bingo & Casino: They are cheapskates

    I must say in all the years I have gambled at this casino, I have never, ever seen such a cheap casino. The paybacks are pathetic, and if they do, you make $2 on a 15 spin bonus on a penny machine. Bonuses are meant not only for entertainment, yet you would think they would find in in their hearts to keep their patrons happy by at least paying THREE DOLLARS at times! A lot of player's favorites are not available anymore...they have been replaced with crappy machines that no one plays, except when it is the weekend and there are no other machines to play. I am beginning to think they consider a jackpot $100. It is ridiculous...they also have rude employees that smirk and laugh at you while you are playing. They fail to remember that without us losing our money in their smoke-filled, negative establishment, they would not have jobs. As far as the hotel, I have only stayed there once so I would have to say it is alright. The business center is nice and quiet, although if you are not a guest you need a key to access it. The buffet is decent, but not as good as some of the buffets in Vegas, Ho Chunks buffet or Mystic Lake's buffet, which is in Prior Lake, Minnesota. Over the years, their player's club has gotten better, but they still have a long way to go. In conclusion, if they got their heads on straight, called for better paybacks on the machines and hired more considerate dealers and other employees. everyone would be happier.

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