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Comanche Red River Casino: Nice trip and experience!

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  • Comanche Red River Casino: Nice trip and experience!

    First of all I am not a professional or even a regular gambler. This is about the fifth casino I have been to thus far. However; thanks to this site my wife and I visited this casino to check it out. It was nice well kept with plenty of slots. I don't do table games thus far, but there were table games and it appeared those playing were having fun. Staff was professional, helpful, and courteous. We won a quick $440 the first visit of about four hours (Saturday afternoon). Fairly light attendance at Casino in the afternoon. We left and returned later that evening and lost for a while before going back to the hotel and to sleep (Saturday evening). As one would expect it was much more crowded on Saturday evening, however; there was still room to move around and plenty of games to play. It is a large place with a lot of machines to play. We returned early the next morning (Sunday) and lost some more. As expected it was pretty empty on Sunday morning at 7:30AM. We could pick any game we wanted almost.Overall we had fun and won quickly, then played a long time on our winnings and some of the money we brought to lose. We did not leave empty handed, but would have liked to have left when I was in the positive. However; that is on us, although being new at this, it amazes me I could win $440 with only a $100 starting amount in less than a couple of hours, then spend the next eight to ten hours and never win big at all again. I know the risks and how it all works, but strange how fast it can turn on one.We had fun and would return though. There is no hotel at the site, but there are plenty within 20 miles that are easy to get to on I44. Sodas, coffee, and tea are free, and food (we didn't eat here) and alcohol (don't drink) were also available but I cannot comment on either. Would recommend the place to friends though.

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