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  • Rivers Casino: Rivers Full Review

    Rivers Review: New casino near Rosemont in Des Plaines, IL. Conveniently located by O'Hare Airport and approx. 30 minutes from Downtown Chicago. Parking/Transportation: Parking is FREE. They have two parking lots. One is an outdoor parking lot with no covering and the other is a innovative parking garage which has green and red lights above each parking spot. A green light above the parking spot indicates that the spot is currently open and a red light indicates it is occupied. I have never used the parking garage so I do not have any firsthand experience parking under it. You can take the Blue Line El Train in Chicago to the Rosemont stop and take a free shuttle to the casino. It is also not a very far walking distance on a fair weather day from the Rosemont stop. Gaming: Clearly, this place is a rip off as it relates to slot machines. Not many penny slots at all. Where is the video poker? Where are the blackjack machines? Very disappointed in their gaming floor. Their table games are always packed. What needs to be done is for them to add a second floor and renovate the place. I'm sure the politicians would pass an expansion through as Illinois is hurting for tax dollars right now. When and if they expand, I would hope that they would add some more penny slots and video poker machines. They have a very poor selection of games right now and the floor is really cramped. It's very hard to walk around this casino without accidentally bumping into someone, especially if you go on the weekend. Restaurants: There are many restaurants inside. If you have ever been to the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, the layout is very similar. Most of the restaurants are located along the outer walls of the casino with the slots machines and table games located on the inner area of the casino. I ate at the Canopy buffet once, the first week the casino opened. It is very pricey, although they have different prices for breakfast, brunch and dinner. We had the dinner. Although it was pricey, it was worth it as they had some nice pork offerings and many different options that you normally don't see at a non Vegas buffet. I ate at Flipt Burger on many occasions and actually just go to the casino now to eat there as the gaming is not conducive to my needs. The Blue Burger is a masterpiece with nearly a half pound of grilled hamburger, carmelized onions, soft melted blue cheese on a freshly baked bun. You can add fries for $2 and cheese sauce for the fries are another $1 extra. They also have shakes and different wines and beers for sale. Their shakes are pretty good too. Misc.: They have a players club but since I rarely play there I never receive any offers in the mail. I played the most $5 at a time and still have not received any mailings from them. They would be smart to at least offer a mailing to ALL of their players card members with some type of coupon for the buffet or Flipt burger restaurant. Their Players Club needs to be improved a lot. Finally, I wish they would build a showroom somewhere in this building so mid to major name stars can attend and have Vegas style shows. This would add a lot of excitement to the place.

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