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    Charelstown has its upsides and downsides, timing is everything. I have been fortunate enough to win a couple of jackpots in the past but the payouts now are far in between. I did however win $500 on a nickel machine and $300 on a penny machine on my last visit in Sept. 2008. That was a great return considering I only had $60.00 to play! Thanks Charlestown!!!

    Since I became a Gold Card member a few months ago the machines have been pretty nice to me but I must admit that prior to that I have lost a lot of money with no return. The past two years have come up empty with no wins at all but I have remained loyal thru the losses.

    Since I have been a frequent customer of Charlestown for the last 9 years I have seen people come and go, attendants that are now managers and so forth and I have witnessed all the changes to the casino and the state of W.V. thanks to all of us and our losses.

    I was always impressed by the customer service and friendliness of the ladies in the Players club they are amazing (Lisa, U R #1) in fact that truly is what keeps me coming back. The rest of the staff can take a lesson on human relations and customer appreciation from them.

    I speak on this because of an incident that I had with a member of the security team several months ago and the way the situation was handled. As a manager for over 20 years in an upscale Dry Cleaners I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF PROVIDING EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE to T.V and Radio personalities, Congressional lawyers and so forth, my service is well known and spoken of in many establishments in the Potomac , Rockville, and Gaithersburg Md, areas as well as on the air.

    I became disabled in March 2007 and had to leave my job because of my limitations to walk and stand for long periods. I am unfortunately a smoker and during a visit to Charlestown dropped my cigarettes in the ashtray/trash can. When I tried to retrieve them the lid holding the gravel spilled all over the carpet(embarrassing) as I was disabled I couldn't get down to clean up the gravels I saw a floor person go past so I assumed it would be cleaned up by a staff member so I continued up the escalators to meet the rest of my party and continue my play on a penny machine.

    I didn't think anything more of it until 45 minutes later my daughter made a comment that something must be going on because there were people in suits with walkie talkies gathering. I just ignored her because I was engrossed in playing my machine that had just begun to pay off as I had already lost $300 and was just beginning to get bonus rounds to get some money back.

    My daughter again stated something's going on because there are more people and still I ignored her. My machine went into the bonus round and just as I begin to pick the boxes the people walked over to me interrupting my play and a lady asked if she could ask me a few questions I said sure and continued picking the boxes in the bonus round as I was distracted my bonus picks ended because of the interruption.

    She then asked if we knew what happened with the ashtray and I said yes I did it and she said do you mind telling me what you were looking for? I replied no that I was looking for my ciggarettes and the ashtray spilled accidently and as a floor person went past I assumed it would be taken care of.

    She said well I am going to have to ask all of you to leave because that is destruction of property. I WAS APPALLED, HUMILIATED, IN DISBELIEF, and very much EMBARRASSED as they proceeded to escort my adopted mom, my daughter and myself from the top floor down the escalators thru the entertainment area and out of the casino with me limping as fast as I could while everyone was staring at us like we were criminals.

    The next day I called the top manager and left numerous messages in regard to what happened and recived a call back from the head security officer offering his apology and an offer of 6 courtesy buffet coupons as compensation for our ordeal.

    I am still waiting for the call from the GENERAL MANAGER .The lady security officer offered an apology that went something like this QUOTE 'i AM SORRY THAT YOU FEEL AS THOUGH I OFFENDED YOU AND THAT YOU TOOK IT THE WAY THAT YOU DID BUT I AM SORRY.'

    Really for future reference apologies do not start with I am sorry that you feel, and managers don't offer food coupons in return for degradation and insult let alone the fact that I was deprived of my chances to win back the $300 that I lost that night.

    And still I continue to frequent Charlestown because I do enjoy the atmosphere and there are alot of nice people that I have met over the years and I am not going to give up my enjoyment because of a few bad seeds. Now that the hotel is finished and the two garages, maybe I can win back some of the money that I unvoluntarily donated to the cause.

    Good Luck!!!

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