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Remington Park Racing Casino: Too Much Smoke

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  • Remington Park Racing Casino: Too Much Smoke

    If there was a way that I could give this casino a lower score I would do it in a heartbeat! We had heard they had may new improved renovations so this afternoon we checked it out. I stayed for 10 mins. tops because I nearly gagged on the cigarette smoke 'fog'.Owners, Managers ... I understand smoking is allowed, but why not set aside an area for those players that do not partake in tobacco? Offer air filter mask at no cost to potential gamers , Place them with an attendant in the lobby to pass out. Players if you go to this casino, take asthma meds, mask to keep out the second hand smoke and a bottle of Fabreez, and maybe eye goggles to keep out the smoke.We will NEVER go there again. Place is very seedy.

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