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  • Fort Hall Casino: YOU CAN WIN!

    I've been going to Fort Hall a couple times a month in the last 5 months, and honestly, I have not lost yet. Stick to the biggest machines you can find, that do not allow bonus bucks. I usually never go in that casino with more than $100 and never have left with less than $100. Normally I stick to the monopoly slots, particularly the gaming board linked to 4 machines. Dont get crazy and just enjoy urself, and touch the screen once in awhile, because all of the slots are touch sensitive and if u have a lucky touch it could work in your favor. The Price is Right slot is also pretty good, its the ones with the bonus games you want to stick to. The bonus games pop up and usually pay pretty good. Now this isn't one of those "omg walk in and win $1000 type of casinos, so dont bet heavily, thats why most people usually lose. Bet a little and win a little. I usually bet $5 at a time, and soon as i hit something decent, like for example, a $20 winner, I will collect and hold the ticket til i'm ready to leave. I never put the cash vouchers into the slots, i always put cash in and when i'm ready to leave I cash out. Last 3 times I have gone in, I left with $100+ profit. Before that it was $50-80 profit. Like I said, bet a little and win a little, have fun, dont go crazy and bet $100 in 5 mins, if you do this you will usually lose every time. Blackjack is pretty good if you just be patient and not get cocky. Take ur time and enjoy the experience. The turf side corner is pretty good if you like horse races and KNOW HOW TO READ A PROGRAM! I have been going to horse races since I was a little kid and have learned how to read programs and predict horses very well, so it usually works out for the better for me, but horse races aren't for everyone. The one thing that someone always wins at is Bingo, and it is pretty easy to play, first timers should get a computer so they dont get confused, computers will do it all for u, u just h ave to watch it and hope u get lucky. I have played bingo with my girlfriend and won at that as well, maybe I'm just one of the lucky few, but I have found something that works for me and I stick with it. Now I will admit that playing the same slots over and over and over everytime you go gets very boring after awhile, so that being said, this casino can be very boring and stupid cause you dont have much variety on the big interactive slots. If you want a real casino, spend the money on gas to drive to jackpot nevada, and have some fun there, playing real casino games. Fort Hall food and drinks, its free so thats the good part about the food and drinks, however, they dont always have food. Drinks are soda fountains and usually not the greatest soda but then again, its free. No alcohol on the site, also a negative.

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    Like any respectable casino or bookmaker, Rocket offers a well-thought-out loyalty program, with a dedicated session for players. The RVClub session offers players a multitude of rewards for simply playing, with specifics varying widely according to player status and sums already deposited.
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