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Seminole Hardrock Tampa - Subpar at best.

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  • Seminole Hardrock Tampa - Subpar at best.

    I'm a Tampa native and regular at the Hardrock, and while I do very well there sometimes, I can't let their numerous inadequecies escape critique. First off, every time I'm there, regardless of the time of day, there is always a boatload of machines not working, or with the "Call Attendant" light on

    Look, this isn't a very big casino, it's nothing like the floor of Caesars, or anything in LV or Atlantic City for that matter - I don't get it. Also, the lines for cashiers are always woefully understaffed; to their defense, I will say this - they are some of the most pleasant cashiers I've ever dealt with, it makes the rare occasion of winning there that much better.

    Recently, they've installed the ticket redemption machines sporadically throughout the casino - 99 times out of 100 they're out of order as well. These things just scream "Penny Annie" to a casino regular who makes gaming excursions his/her vacation destinations.

    This may have been touched on before, but the drinks are full price. Beers $4.75 - Domestic; probably a dollar higher for import, mixed drinks are $7.00 and up. My wife ordered a Mimosa a few weeks ago, and it was $12.00 Look, I'm not asking for free drinks, I know this isn't Vegas, but damn, you're gonna gouge players almost the price of a six pack for a single Budweiser? I could maybe see those prices at the bars, but on the floor??

    The restaurant selection is "Meh" at best. The Fresh Harvest Buffet is expensive, and usually overcrowded. Last week my wife and I celebrating our 1 year anniversary ate at the sushi bar next to the buffet,"The Rock and Raw Bar." A colossal disappointment to say the least; I've had better sushi from grocery stores. The sushi was bland, flavorless, and did not taste fresh. All that for $60, not to mention lousy service. We had an overworked waitress that looked like she was about to crack, and her attitude reflected it.

    Not to mention as we left the down escalator went "Out Of Service" as well, so my wife wearing heels, had to navigate very steep steps. The comp system is the absolute worst I've ever seen, I have close to 20,000 player points and I think I'm eligible for some cheapo digital alarm clock or something. More to come....

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