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Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Tampa: Tampa Hard Rock Casino

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  • Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Tampa: Tampa Hard Rock Casino

    I've been to many casinos during my lifetime, in and out of the country, but never ever have I found a casino that rips off customers like the Hard Rock in Tampa does. The payouts are ridiculously low and seldom occur unless there is some rare publicity stunt orchestrated to attract attention. Some patrons seem to accept the excuse that casinos in Florida can't provide free drinks, but talking about a rip off, why is it then necessary for the Hard Rock to charge extremely high prices for alcohol drinks? ... The answer is pure greed and whether Florida allows free drinks or not, it's obvious the Hard Rock could care less, because they won't miss any chance to empty your wallet as fast as they can by any means possible. Enjoy a nice vacation to Vegas instead because with what you can save by avoiding a quick trip to the Hard Rock casino in Tampa, you'll likely have more than enough savings to buy round trip airfare tickets to Vegas and enjoy casinos there, who actually appreciate your business.

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