First of all this is my least favorite casino I have ever played in, in comparison with the other casinos located in both Wis and Mich. All machines have a very low payout, and most customers are very rude.

Secondly, I feel the layout of the main buffet is very poor. We have been there for the Sat. night Steak and Crab Leg buffet on a number of occasions, both at the old location, and about 4 times at the new remodeled location. A baked potato bar was not available until just our last visit the end of Oct. Likewise, the fresh salad election is very limited, with only a ceasar's salad available and a small cup of a prepared fresh salad. Not able to make up your own salad with all the various trimmings.

The congestion and layout of the food centers is horrible. There are several areas for Italian, Mediteranean, and Asian that you can walk up to with little problem as not a lot of people go to them.

However, the American center has all of the other selections-- steak, ribs, crab legs, shrimp, shrimp sauce, potatoes, etc. You can not go up and pick up one or two items like you were able to do in the old layout, but instead must stand in lines of a min of 30 -45 min to obtain anything.

Last time we were there several people started a line at the opposite end as they only wanted crab legs and a fight nearly broke out, resulting in a number of security people being called to restore order. The previous arrangement of having two areas for crab legs, a separate island for baked potatos, etc, and another areas for meats, mashed potatoes, gravies, etc. worked out much better.

In some cases I believe they are trying to imitate the Vegas layouts, but do not have sufficient areas or personnel to handle the people. There is no reason why a person needs to stand in line for one or two items and have to wait more than possibly 5 minutes.

I will say however that we have eaten in the sports bar lounge and the food and service there has been excellent on every occasion.

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