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Desert Diamond Hotel & Casino - Nogales: Watch Your Back

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  • Desert Diamond Hotel & Casino - Nogales: Watch Your Back

    I've often thought that Border Patrol should just set up a check point by this casino entrance. Territorial and guarded players hover over their machines like vultures on the prey. The place is always packed and smokey. One lady smoker told me that a non-smoker has no business in a casino and that I should leave after I fanned the smoke that she blew in my face. People are not friendly here and I was nearly attacked in the parking lot. I see more patrols now, however. The staff is courteous and busy and the quick food is okay, along with being discounted with your card. I prefer to go to the casino down the road for less smoke and nicer atmosphere and friendlier and less hostile guests but the slots are a bit looser here--not always, they can be tight, too.

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