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Lone Butte Casino Resort: Location

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  • Lone Butte Casino Resort: Location

    Close to Arizona State University and located next to an upper middle class neighborhood, this is where people go when they need some stress relief. Every seat is always taken, doesn't matter what time, it's jam packed. I wear my anti-smoke fans on my belt loops here, because you're going to get it in your face. It doesn't matter because you will smell like smoke, anyway. Must always wash my long hair afterwards. So if you are addicted to slots, you can just run down the street and fight for a machine in a thick, smoke-filled room to lose half of your paycheck so you can sit in the atmosphere away from your nagging spouse, boss, teenager or whatever...You just need to admit that Arizona casinos are not Nevada casinos and save your money for a fun trip or therapy. One plus here is they get a nice Spanish band in at times and I can actually dance to what they play and enjoy the stage.

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