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Running Aces : A dealers point of view

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  • Running Aces : A dealers point of view

    I am a dealer on the swing shift (pit) and I totally agree with the ante on the bonus $5 blackjack. It's a pain in the ass for the customers as well as the dealers. And with the "poor blackjack," I may be impartial, but you probably had an unexperienced dealer who has never dealt elsewhere.

    Most of us can pay a $117 blackjack, simple. The "rude" ones, my guess was day shift. People on my shift and graves, I can't see anyone really being rude. Well, there's one person...but that's it. And yes, we keep our own tips. I appreciate each and every one that has given to me, I can't thank you guys enough. I deal a fast, efficient game while still having fun. I honestly do my damdest to take care of my customers as well as I can whatever it is...just dealing, friendly chat, whatever, it's all good.

    About the players club, I work there and don't really know about it! It's like a mystery...I know it's not that good. I've suggested to make other comps (like where I worked before) get so many points for cash, clothing, merch, etc. We'll see what they do about it. Hey guys I'm trying! But then again, this place just opened, they're trying to get all their ducks in a row...I'm hoping all these layoffs are done with. My boyfriend was laid off from there, they hired what they thought they needed but business was slow in the beginning. It sucks!

    Well that's about all I have to say for now...I'm sure those of you that know me, know who I am by what I typed. I look forward to dealing to each and every one of you! Come visit me

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