I happen to be paralyzed and in a wheelchair, but fly out several times a year to enjoy Downtown Vegas which for me is much more accessible, convenient and safer than getting around the Strip. I often venture into casinos alone as my friends do not share my interest in sportsbook wagering and I can only sit with them at 21 table for a couple of hours before I get restless.The El Cortez is one of my two preferred Downtown Vegas properties for several reason. It has one of the best sportsbooks managed by a great guy Frankie and a terrific staff who are always friendly and polite. The El Cortez Sportsbook also awards comps on sports wagering which few others do and is always generous with free drink tickets to use at any the hotel bars.El Cortez also rates high in my books for table games -- and not just because they offer single and double-deck 21 that pay 3:2 on Blackjack. But more important for someone such as myself who is in a wheelchair, they have several low tables that make it much easier to read the cards and manage the chips.The El Cortez also has nice, large rooms in the Tower and offeres a decent coupon book with some extra perks.Everyone is always quick to remember me and say hello -- it seems like they have had the same bellman for years and the security guards are visible & helpful.The selection of food at the El Cortez is also nice from the inexpensive & healthy Subway to a decent coffee shop to a very nice steakhouse that is one of the best dining bargains in Las Vegas.It is just a short stroll to the rest of the Downtown casinos along Fremont Street and the short stretch has really improved with is selection of bars and restaurants.Even if I do not always stay at the El Cortez, I definitely so my fair share of gambling and eating there.

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