I happen to be paralyzed and in a wheelchair, but fly out several times a year to enjoy Downtown Vegas which for me is much more accessible, convenient and safer than getting around the Strip. I often venture into casinos alone as my friends do not share my interest in sportsbook wagering and I can only sit with them at 21 table for a couple of hours before I get restless.For the past several years, we usually end up staying at the Four Queens thanks to their promotional offers that come in the mail.It is hard to beat the offers from Four Queens/Binion's and as someone in a wheelchair, I prefer the handicapped-accessible rooms at the Four Queens over any other hotel in Las Vegas -- including the Strip. Over the past decade or so, hotels got the not so bright idea that rooms look nice with really high beds. Unfortunately, when you are not able to stand up, transferring from your wheelchair to a high bed can be extremely difficult and downright dangerous.Now that the Plaza has refurbished their rooms, the Four Queens and Vegas Club are the only two hotels that have wheelchair-accessible rooms with beds at a normal height in the Fremont Street area.Besides the beds and value offered by the Four Queens, my friends and I really enjoy playing Blackjack Switch and find the most of the dealers and all of the pit personnel (Kathy and Willy) to be friendly and easy to get along which makes playing all the more enjoyable. Also love the cocktail waitresses -- especially Norma who is a sweetheart.The Subway at the Four Queens is not as good as the one in the El Cortez, but Magnolia's is a fine coffee shop for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The spaghetti/lasagna meals with delicious Minestrone soup are an outstanding deal for those of us who prefer saving our gambling. The prime rib used be to a bargain, but they have raised the price a bit and now the Prime Rib deal across the street at Tony Roma's is a bit better.Even when the Four Queens is super busy, there never seems to a long wait to check-in or check-out and you can't beat the location smack in the center of Fremont Street.Not so crazy about the Sportsbook because the board is small (only recently went electronic) and they seem to open later and close earlier than the others. But I still use them for games or futures where they offer a better value as I like to shop and compare lines.I have a group of friends from different parts of the country who I meet up with in Vegas several times a year and we see no reason to switch our base of operations from the Four Queens. Just wish they would pay 3:2 Blackjack on the single deck 21 table.

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