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    They have a decent amount of table games. Problem is they're very packed. usually the ones that are not packed are way out of my comfort zone. I got no problem wagering like 20 max on a single hand, but seriously, who is Rivers Catering to? It's an okay atmosphere, but I've been treated rudely, when asking about how mississppi stud is played to the dealer. He said it was like Hold'em. He didn't tell me I had to wager each time, I got to the streets. All the other games are decent. I wish there were more BJ Tables, and another 4 card table. And with the BJ tables, I would like other side bets offered like in horseshoe.Overall, it's nice, and I like going if I got some money I can afford to lose (worse case scenario) And if I win it's usually no more than 100, but if I lose, it's at least 100, but no more than 200. Either way, it's okay a few times, but we have other casinos in chicagoland, so take your pick. Try it out maybe once if you want to. But the Grand Victoria is much better.

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