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Plaza Hotel & Casino: Renovated Rooms Nice, but Poor Customer Service

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  • Plaza Hotel & Casino: Renovated Rooms Nice, but Poor Customer Service

    I was recently staying in downtown Las Vegas and since I had received an offer for a free nights from the renovated Plaza I wanted to check out the changes and see how accessible the rooms were since I am happen to be paralyzed and in a wheelchair. I had stayed there several times prior to the renovations and was always satisfied.Unfortunately, it turned into into an aggravating hassle simply requesting to see one of the new rooms.I intentionally went to the Front Desk during a weekday afternoon when no other customers were at the counter. I was disappointed none of the three front desk personnel stepped out behind the counter to assist me and forced me to try to communicate with them from the high counter which is not wheelchair friendly.I showed the front desk my offer for the free room nights and explained that I was not interested in checking in, but I simply wanted to see one of the renovated wheelchair accessible rooms. None of the three girls looked very busy, but nevertheless they informed me they could not show me a room.I then asked if they could have a bellman show me a room and was told no. So I countered by suggesting they might call a security guard to show me a room and again they refused.So I again showed them my offer and suggested they check with casino marketing. But they said I would have to go speak with them myself -- which I knew would involve pushing my wheelchair a long way on the new carpeting. I suggested it might make more sense if they called Casino Marketing on the telephone and have someone come to speak with me, but again these three front desk clerks refused to show even a modicum of basic customer service skill.I finally made it down to the Casino Marketing office and was treated like a human being, but by then I was already of the mindset that my friends and I probably would not be giving the Plaza any business in the near future.When I returned home, I took the time and effort to craft a detailed two-page summary of my observations from my visit. I mailed one copy to the Director of Operations and one copy to the General Manager. But after more than two months I have received no reply or acknowledgement whatsoever -- even though I provided my Player's Club #, home address, home phone and e-mail.Customer Service can make or break a hotel for me and in the case of the Plaza, it was definitely a break. I do not anticipate returning.

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