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  • Resorts World New York: EXTREMELY POOR VIDEO POKER

    Another New York State scam. This place carters to only the slot player and electronic gaming tables. The video poker machines are virtually non-existent. There are perhaps a maximum of six machines and they are of the $1.00 variety and all Double Bonus and THAT IS IT. Unless you venture to the bar on both floors where traditional (9/6 and deuces wild are located. But if there is a football game you can forget about a space. This place is an absolute disgrace. VIDEO POKER PLAYER; STAY HOME. I did notice that the poker bar machines did offer 25 and 50 version of poker but most are $1.00. When this place was planned it certainly did not take the video poker player into consideration. The place is swamped with slot machines. Here is another disgraceful disdain for the player. While at the bar playing a $.25 poker game the only drinks free are: coffee and soda and that is it. They do not even have bar snacks for the patrons. Furthermore, these are not true video poker machines as they have in Atlantic City, Connecticut or Pennsylvania. The machines are controlled by a central computer in Albany (LOTTERY.) Case in point was when I was dealt a flush with a possible straight flush. Strategy says to discard the non-sequential card to improve your hand to straight flush but when you do this, you return to the original flush draw. This means that the Albany computer had you winning a flush but could not improve further. Don't tell me this is not a sham.

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