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Gun Lake Casino: I MUST NEVER RETURN!!!

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  • Gun Lake Casino: I MUST NEVER RETURN!!!

    Because Gun Lake is only 35 min from my house I was naturally drawn there. However it has turned out that the 8-10 trips to this casino has totally caused me to want to give up gaming entirely! I had the fortunate(or perhaps unfortunate) opportunity to win a $450 and $250 jackpot there plus a few smaller amounts but I have succeeded in losing all of that and much more in my pursuit of that life changing jackpot at this casino! I have never been to a casino that has so little to offer. I concur with the other reviewers the smoke is atrocious and the amenities are lacking. Food is pretty sad and limited. Because I have seen a few people win here I think it could happen to me! Ha not over the long run. I am constantly walking the floor looking for a machine that might pay. I go back to the machines I have played before and they appear to be different machines...tighter and no fun what so ever. I just had a really bad session this week here and I must vow to never return before I lose any more money that I can't afford to lose. I just returned from Las Vegas too and had a couple of nice wins there...I don't ask for much would be happy to break even and just play on my winnings. Well I have to face the will never happen at Gun Lake casino. Why is it so busy? I don't get it! And during their giveaways it is impossible to find a decent machine!I look forward to not beating myself up on the return drive home from this casino ever again!!

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