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Harrahs Cherokee Casino: Harrah's Cherokee Recent Trip

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  • Harrahs Cherokee Casino: Harrah's Cherokee Recent Trip

    Visit date- 3/17/2012Just got done a middle of the night trip at Harrah's Cherokee. Here is a update- The hotel construction is finished and beautiful. It is very hard to get a comp room at this property unless you play here specifically often, so we didn't stay. The restaurant choices are limited and priced at standard casino rates.Gaming- There are live Black Jack tables with a computer screen card setup. Video craps, and no roulette. Slots are everywhere of course and that is what 99 percent of people play there. If you are smart and watch people for a while you will easily see what machines are paying and what are not. Play smart and you will have a payout comparable to AC. This is a pay for your alcohol casino, and non alcoholic drinks are free. We played for about 6 straight hours and came out even if that helps for payback purposes.Video poker, which is my game, is plentiful and not crowded. Mostly 8/5 JOB and 8/6 DDB throughout. Good bartops with bar service if you choose.Overall, unless this property is close to you, you might want to go elsewhere. Only because of no free alcohol and limited table experiences. I will only go back if they send me free room deals. Beautiful location, but not much else to do.

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