Have been there 4 times now. Usually on a saturday morning. Always pretty busy. Was there today and just have to say, had a horrible time.The first time I went I was surprised by the prices on the slots. Most of the penny machines have max bet, which you need to bet for bonuses, above 2 bucks. There are 3, 4 and 5 dollar max bet penny machines. The quarter and dollar machines can be astronomical. could see this if there was some money coming back but that doesn't seem to happen much. An example, The Big Green Money Machine, a dollar per wheel bet usually pays out in dollars and I have had pretty good luck with it at other casinos. Here it pays out in quarters, you place a 5 dollar bet and quarters are coming up on the wheel, seems a little insulting. After the first trip I got over the price shock and accepted it just like one excepts everything else being overpriced in NYC. Obviously the market will bear them because the place is always packed.Their rewards cards are a must because you can only use half of the casino without one. The problem, even at 11 am the line for the cards is 50 people long. If I'm stopping in for an hour do I really want to stand in line for another hour just to get a card? You can't even go upstairs to the second half of the casino without the second tier card. How do you get that, by getting enough points. How many points do you get for play, no idea. Can't find any concrete info on that. So I stand in line for an hour to get the first card, do stuff to get points and then stand in line for an hour to get the upgraded card. I guess that's how it works, there isn't any info on the whole system.I really only want to pop in and have some fun for an hour not stand in line for hours. The first three times I was there the garage parking was free, now it's supposedly free with a rewards card. They don't tell you that. So I go to leave and there are kiosks that you are supposed to pay or present your card before you leave. I went to the ones on my level and they were broken so I had to go back downstairs. There was one of two working there and another line of about 10 people. water and when I got to the machine there was a kid there to show people how to use it. He put my ticket in and it didn't work. He said to tell the guy on the way out that the ticket was bad. Right, have you ever gotten up to a gate with your unvalidated ticket and thought if you just told the guy your ticket was broken he would just let you go. So I go out and tell the guy and he says " I have to have your rewards card to prove your ticket is defective." He finally let me out after I got a little hyper about that.Don't even get me started on the half hour I had to sit at a machine because my ticket was stuck and no one came by to help.I remember when the point of a casino was to make you feel good even though you just gave them all your money. So far from the point at this place. It's too bad too because the combo of the casino and watching the races could be so much fun.

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