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Ho Chunk Gaming - Wisconsin Dells: Follow up from 3-17 post

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  • Ho Chunk Gaming - Wisconsin Dells: Follow up from 3-17 post

    Here is the complete break down from this weekend..... [[Slots]] Huge variety of slots, it's all random winning, purely luck based and we were in a 7 couples group and a few one on 1cent and a few on 25cent. $400 & $275 & $100 won on pennies BUT players were big spenders $100 won off 25cent machine starting with $20 NOTE.......... I HAD A STOMACH FLU SATURDAY AND DIDN'T GAMBLE MUCH BUT PLAYED $120 OVER A 7 MACHINE PERIOD......... I WAS $50 DOWN BY THE 6TH MACHINE THEN PLAYED A 25CENT MULTI REEL ONE AND THAT'S WHERE I WON MY $100 FROM. TIP..........( 25cent machines seem to have a better payout ratio for the average gambler) [[Table Games]] The $275 winners listed above won a good part of that on blackjack betting normal bets Dealer was quick, decent and no complaints to note [[Customer Service]] Only had two expirences to talk about. The first was the custodian cleaning the restroom. He was mopping the floor and no other stalls open. I asked is it ok if I use this one, very kindly said sure. Also, as noted above I had a stomach flu all day Saturday and wanted something other than soda from the free machines. I went up the a main bar and asked if I could get a lemonade. The lady waiter said sure, and got me one for free. [[Players Club]] N / A Didn't use nor anyone I know of in our parties use it [[Gaming Atmosphere]] Great expirence from the main enterance to the building design to the large selection of slots, table games etc... This is by far my person most favorite casino [[Amenities or Hotel]] We stayed at the Motel 6 less than 4 miles away from Ho - Chuck Casino and the room with tax was under $50 / night. Very good price with no problems to mention. I have stayed in the Ho -Chuck rooms a few times and they are very nice, but a bit pricy for just wanting to stay a night. [[Food & Drink]] Stand Rock Cafe is a MUST! Again, I had a stomach flu and didn't eat but the night we were there they had all you can eat, seafood, prime rib, crab legs for $21.99. I asked the group I was with how they liked the food, quality, and customer service and they all said 5 stars. Disclaimer...... I don't work for this casino, know anyone that works here or have a ties to the success of this casion. The above descriptions was from an independent person [myself] and a person that likes this casino and will be back again for the second return and part of another annual stop for Memorial weekend. Hopefully I can break even, win $100 again [maybe by luck] or leave a bit behind while playing anything I want to. I HOPE THIS HELPS CLEAR UP ANY CONFUSION FROM ANY OTHER PEOPLE THAT ARE SO NICE THAT POST THINGS ON HERE. I'M A COMMON SENSE PERSON AND GIVE ANYTHING OR ANYONE A FAIR HONEST CHANCE.

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