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Mystic Lake Casino Hotel: Staying away from Mystake Lake

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  • Mystic Lake Casino Hotel: Staying away from Mystake Lake

    Any positive reviews are probably by Mystic staff or tribe. I've been going there way too long and it was bad but now it is terrible. To give you an example, I won sixty four free spins playing maximum on a penny machine, that's two dollars and fifty cents. I won one hundred eleven dollars. It should have easily been a couple of thousand. Other times my wife and I have won free spins on the max and won thirty dollars. I think the casino's in Minnesota (which are only allowed on Indian reservations as of this writing March 2012) are concerned that there is talk of expanding gambling beyond the reservations to fund a new football stadium and as such, they are tightening their belts. IMHO, I think Indian owned/run casino's are nothing but reparations and there is no incentive for them to payout. But that's just me.

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