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Belterra Casino Resort and Spa: Bad experience for me

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  • Belterra Casino Resort and Spa: Bad experience for me

    I have been to Belterra several times in the past and have enjoyed the experience. However this trip I asked for a room near the elevator as I am handicapped and was assigned room with a 57 on it and the last rooms on the opposite side from the elevators is 69. Do the math. In other words I was about as far from the elevators as I could get. There was no handicap bar in the stool area and no shower, stepping into a tub is extremely difficult. On Tuesday we went to breakfast buffet and almost before we could get our food they took the spoons out of all the dishes so we could not finish half of what we wanted to eat. For the price, I believe you need to at least let people eat before removing the spoons. Why not shut off the breakfast buffet at 10:30, give people time to finish, and open at 11:30 for lunch. Would be better for servers and customers. Use your heads for once. Prices for buffet have increased, payouts on machines was literally non-existent and check in on Monday, May 28 was a nightmare. Why would you only have one to two check in people working the desk when you had reservations for all the people? Another time to use your head. Very sad experience.

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