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Western Village Inn & Casino: Great find for the low roller

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  • Western Village Inn & Casino: Great find for the low roller

    From the folks who brought you the Peppermill Hotel in Reno and the various Peppermill restaurants in Las Vegas and elsewhere, the Western Village is the ultimate low rollers' casino. You can just about always find a $2 blackjack table that pays 3:2 on naturals. Also: $1 (double odds) 24x7. If you don't like the Peppermill, you won't like this place, as it has a similar level of sensory overload: neon interspersed with HD televisions showing tourist scenes from around the world against a solid black and dark background.The steak house is really nice, an upscale version of the peppermill coffee shop, with very good steaks and very good prices, about $25 including. It wasn't USDA prime last time I was there, but was almost as good. Other restaurants are also good, although sadly they have rebranded the coffee shop, which used to look just like the Peppermill restaurants (although the y still seem to have very large portions and very reasonable prices). If you don't mind eating right in the casino, the NY style deli has a perfectly edible pastrami sandwich for $5.95, probably the lowest price anywhere on earth for a similar sandwich.

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