OK, if you're a slot machine junkie and enjoy various versions of slot machines too complex to figure out, this is your spot, but if slots are NOT your thing, you'll be disappointed here. I visited the Sunday after opening. The parking lot was full to the third level, so it wasn't real crowded. In about 45 minutes, I heard ONE slot machine pay out. The crowd did not seem to be having much fun... a lot of people wandering around the slots looking for "the one", passing up dozens of new and glitzy machines they had no interest in. The nickle slots had $2 minimums. I came for the tables, which were sparse in comparison to the abundance of slot machines. Though there were not too many tables, many were open. This might have been because of the $25 minimum at every table. The staff at the tables seemed professional and friendly, though we were told by a "floor worker" that we had to get a card to play the slots. We waited in the line for 10 minutes only to be told they took cash (minimum $5, no $1's or smaller taken). The line to sign up for the Player's club looked like a Disney ride during peak season. We never played at the $25 minimum table, and I suspect this was true for many others who were, like us, walking around the space trying to find tables with lower minimums. What I think is most telling is that we left after less than one hour and, amazingly, two other couples we rode up in the elevator with also left at that time. THE BEST PART ABOUT THIS CASINO IS THE NO SMOKING POLICY. I did not see people having fun and celebrating, which was surprising. With other great casinos near by, I don't know why anyone other than a slot machine junkie would choose this place.

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