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Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino: Awful

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  • Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino: Awful

    This place is simply awful, very poor service everywhere, it seems there are fewer personnel and the change persons are rude and hardly ever seen when needed and when you get lucky to see one, interestingly; they can't help you, slot machines are absolutely tight and take your money in no time, simply no one seems to win even to keep playing, it is obvious this casino has tightened their slot machines, most everyone I have talked to their complains of the same thing, slots are tighter than ever and service is very bad or no service at all, all you have to do is look at people leaving this casino, you can tell in their faces the frustration, disappointment and sadness, most certainly because they lost everything in a very short time, I can see this place going bankrupt because they don't seem to care about their customers, it is understood that in all casinos most everyone will lose but this place has really gone to the extreme so they will obviously see fewer and fewer visitors because most everyone is realizing you simply don't have a chance there, I will never go there again.

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