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Harrahs Philadelphia : Going Downhill

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  • Harrahs Philadelphia : Going Downhill

    I have longed for a Harness Racing track to be built in the area since the closing of Brandywine in Delaware, a real class place. Great Clubhouse, Great Dinners and Great Employees.I should have listened to the old adage "Be careful what you wish for!" From opening day, this place just keeps going downhill. When you think that they can't do anything worse, you try again just to find out that you are wrong. For starters, most racetracks have either an enclosed and/or shaded grandstand and clubhouse to protect you from the 90 degree heat and/or rain and thunderstorms. WRONG! When this was suggested to Mr Brown his response was to purchase some sunblock! Now, when it rains or the heat index is 100 degress you must go indoors where there is ZERO seating and watch the race on the 20" TVS (Maybe only 2 of which feature Harrahs). There is NO closed caption and you can't hear the race caller indoors.The Riverview Restaurant that the Casino boasts "overlooks the racetrack" is closed during racing. It was opened briefly but the hours 11:30 to 2:30 with a 12:40 post time and a $30.00 + drinks per individual left the place empty! Wonder why?The second option the End Zone was a little better but until last year you had to walk through the casino and down the escalator to make a bet because there were no totalizators in the restaurant. They have ONE now, but some bettors think that it is their own personal machine and sit there scanning through the Exacta Payoff and think nothing of letting you get shut out.They remodeled this restaurant and now the menu sucks. Still only 1 betting machine.In an effort to attract new customers and/or introduce them to Harness Racing, most tracks have a winners circle within view of the grandstand and clubhouse.Harrah's does have a Winners Circle! Only problem is that you can't see it!It is on the same side as the unsheltered Grandstand and down near the paddock area about a City Block away!You can only take pictures if you have a telephoto lens and you can only get a side view photo. The seating outside that is shaded is atrocious. A few tables some with umbrellas, some with chairs. The patrons take the chairs and drag them to the finish line. Then if you stand in front of them they scream at you to get out of the way.This wasn't bad enough and I thought it couldn't get worse until 2 weeks ago when I tried again and couldn't believe what they did. Instead of getting tables with ATTACHED seating so the chairs can't me moved, the purchase SOFAS! Now the track bums, poker degenerates and Chester Homies SLEEP in them!WHAT NEXT!

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