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Ho Chunk Gaming - Nekoosa: beware of the restaurant

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  • Ho Chunk Gaming - Nekoosa: beware of the restaurant

    I visited the casino with my parents last night. We decided to have dinner. Parents lost and I was up. I decided to play blackjack while I waited for them to finish dinner. A waitress started using a vacuum around their table. My mother asked her if she could stop till they were done eating. She said the manager makes her do it by a deadline, but they could go ask him. My mother went to the desk and the manager was on the phone. She informed another woman what was going on and the woman escorted her to the table and stopped the cleaning. Should be the end of the story. The manager got off the phone, came over to the table and went on a tirade about abuse to his staff. The cleaning woman, the waitress, the people at the next table and the woman who escorted my mother back to her table informed the manager that he was nuts. He then went back to his phone and called the police. Three cops came into the restaurant. One of them physically grabbed my mother and dragged her out of the restaurant, through the casino and out the door. They passed me on the way out. My mother told the cop, "that is my son, I need to tell him what is going on." He said if she didnt shut up, she would be leaving in handcuffs. The cop then came over to my blackjack table and said, "finish your hand, you are done." He then escorted me out of the building. This all took place in 20 minutes. I think the manager is doing bath salts. Everyone else was very friendly. Don't let one psychopath stop you from going out and having a good time. Our waitress, by the way, was reduced to tears and was horrified at the spectacle. She was quite good and the food quality has improved dramatically since I ate there last a few years ago. We will not be returning until this issue is dealt with.

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