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Indiana Grand Casino: I NEVER WIN HERE

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  • Indiana Grand Casino: I NEVER WIN HERE

    I have been going here for almost 4 years and never won ANYTHING. When you get a bonus on the slot machines (for example like a penny manchine), they only pay you like $.50 cents or maybe $1.20 if you are lucky. It is really hard to get a bonus and when you do like I said, it's sad pay out. That is how pathetic this place is. The waitress don't want to bring you drinks. All they are looking for is tips tips tips. They should walk around saying tips tips tips instead of drinks, wine, beer. All this place does, is take your money!!!! I have played from penny machines to $1 dollar machines and still no luck. I have played minium bets up to maxium bets and still no luck. I have tried different machines and still no luck so I hope this tells you a lot about the casino.

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