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Horseshoe Casino Cleveland: Had a Bad Experince Here

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  • Horseshoe Casino Cleveland: Had a Bad Experince Here

    Upon arriving to the casino, we approach the casino security. I was with my girl friend who has a mild form of MS. They refused her entry accusing her of being intoxicated. When asking them why they thought she was intoxicated they simply said " Shes just way too intoxicated and she cant come in, maybe tomorrow". After looping around to the other door to see if we could talk to reasonable guards about our situation, they allowed us entry (clearly showing they have no consistency in identifying which guest should not be permitted). We asked an employee to talk to manager. Quickly he claimed to be one. We talk to Mike, the "managers" name, and he quickly put my girlfriend on the spot and accused her of being intoxicated. He put her on the spot to walk a line, when with her disability, under the stress she still managed to do so. False claiming she stumbled he threaten to call the police and told her to come into his custody. I tried to explain her condition and Mike would not listen. Worst experience of my life. Iv never been so embarrassed in my life. So unprofessional in dealing with customers. I am currently in the process of filing a lawsuit for not complying to the disabled.

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