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Horseshoe Casino Cleveland: Disappointed After Waiting So Long

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  • Horseshoe Casino Cleveland: Disappointed After Waiting So Long

    The casino itself is very nice. It's 2 floors of slots & table games, 1 floor poker room / 1 floor buffet. Slots are very 'tight'. Probably because state law says minimum payout on machines only has to be 85% and I think they are probably at or close to this payout percentage. Very limited play time. And they have some really junk machines. The better machines are few and far between. Drinks are sometimes hard to get if you use the ordering feature on the slot machine. If you want coffee, you cannot go to the bar. You have to order it from a machine or 'catch' a server. At the tables it's much better. Usually there is one roving 'order taker' with a tablet who takes the orders from the table and transmits it electronically to the 'drink server' who delivers the drinks. A bit more efficient. Table games have unusually high minimums. Only table games I've seen with $5 minimums are Mississippi Stud and Three Card Poker. But this is usually early in the morning. Blackjack tables are usually $25 minimum except recently they had some $10 and $15 minimum tables. Many of the dealers are new and the procedures are not followed consistently by all dealers. Some dealers can't calculate payoffs. Some pit supervisors are also new. They also don't seem to follow the same procedure when recording buy-ins or table play time. Buffet is okay. Nothing to write home about. And a bit on the pricey side. Service is not consistent. Servers bring drinks and sometime, even when the place is almost empty, it's hard to get a refill. They recently added lobster tails on Thursday evening for $8 extra. Not a bad deal. Haven't had it yet but reviews seem to be mostly favorable. Overall, I would give it a 'C'. I've seen better and I've seen worse.

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